Connecting the world

Based in Washington, DC, steps from Embassy Row, Nouveau is uniquely positioned to make your diplomatic events a success. With significant connections to the world of diplomacy, let us enhance your event with our expertise and passion for cultural promotion and exchange. Our diplomacy division exists to provide the specialized attention and careful consideration required by Ambassadors and embassy staff when it comes to special events and cultural exchanges. With a keen understanding of international touring, protocol, discretion, and the handling of VIP guests, our team is uniquely qualified to manage the considerations that come into play when assisting our diplomatic clients.

Diplomacy Services

Cross-Cultural Promotion

For embassies seeking to celebrate and promote their unique culture and heritage within the United States, Nouveau Diplomacy offers planning and management services for concerts, exhibitions, nationwide tours, and other unique engagements focused on foreign artists and influencers.

Diplomacy Through the Arts

Nouveau understands the power of the arts to facilitate dialogue and inspire connection. With strong connections to the performing and visual arts communities, our team is uniquely equipped to support Ambassadors and their staff in organizing private concerts, meetings, exhibitions, and other arts & culture related gatherings intended to foster positive exchanges between countries, governments and NGOs.

Diplomatic Event Design

From intimate cocktail parties, to elegant state dinners, our events team knows what it takes to impress even your most distinguished guests. Nouveau Diplomacy understands the unique challenges and opportunities that can come with organizing embassy-related events. We specialize in supporting Ambassadors and embassy staff in conceptualizing and executing events in a way that maximizes efficiencies and optimizes the use of available resources. Many embassy staff think of us as an extension of their team when tasks necessitate more comprehensive support.

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